Where did my hair go!?: 2 tricks for beautiful, thick & shiny locks!

Inspiration-Image-Voluminous-Hair-Tool-Kit I am OBSESSED with thick, long, shiny, soft, long hair! So as obsessive as i am i started trying different things to make my hair just beautiful! There came a point in my life where my hair started excessively falling and mind you i was absolutely FREAKED OUT! No product gave me what i wanted, mother nature strikes again with all her goodness!!

1. Apple cider is so good for your hair, its insane!! Just apply it all over your hair, give it ample amount of time before washing it off. It will leave your hair with beautiful shine and softness. Your hair feels ALIVE! 

2. Coffee!! We all know caffeine is excellent for circulation and boost which inturn helps in less hair fall (YAY for us!!). Just add ground coffee in your favourite conditioner! Caffeine penetrates the hair roots, thereby protecting the hair from negative testosterone impacts and from premature hair loss.

There you have it, 2 of my favourite ingredients for luscious locks!! Tried and tested and LOVE IT!

You’re welcome 😉


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